" With a team of well experienced
   professionals, our clients and you can rest assure
   that you will have peace of mind "



Piero Holgado with years of experience in the financial, tech and music industry is the CEO of Viglienzoni Corp. He makes sure projects arrive on deadlines and that the team is consistently meeting the goals of the company. Piero doesn't believe in limits which is why he strives everyday to take the company to the next level. Making sure every department within the company runs smoothly and clients stay happy is very important to him and the reputation of the company. He is often busy in meetings but always makes time for employees because he knows that doing good starts in-house. His ambition, entrepreneurialism and natural leadership has taken the company new heights.

Piero can be caught in various cities around world specially in his home town of D.C. He is an avid listener and loves to mentor people. When he is not discussing business, Mr. Holgado loves visiting family, enjoying memorable time with friends and meeting new people. Although young, he strives everyday to become one of the most influential people in the world. His life goal is to do great things and be remembered for it. He gets closer to goal everyday.

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